Translation Work

Unleashing Faith: Bible Commentary Translation at Ekballo U

At Ekballo U, our mission is to harness the power of technology to propel the Great Commission forward. Our work is rooted in training the spiritual on how to be effective with technology and equipping field teams with the tools and training they need. Now, we are excited to introduce our latest endeavor: translating Bible commentary at scale for those who have limited access to such resources.

The Power of Translation

We understand the transformative power of the Bible’s teachings and how vital it is for these teachings to reach every corner of the globe. That’s why we are committed to translating Bible commentary at scale, leveraging technology to ensure that no one is left behind in their spiritual journey.

We can translate documents rapidly into over 100 languages and give easy access to trusted language speakers to validate its grammar.
Example: This is a sermon handout on Matthew 22:37-38 on loving God with all your heart, translated into Russian.
After translation, we did a social media campaign to distribute it. Multitudes of Russian speakers went to download the PDF.
Project Management with

To manage these large-scale translation projects, we use, a powerful project management tool that allows us to collaborate effectively, track progress in real-time, and ensure that every project is completed efficiently and to the highest standard.

Accelerating Drafts with Google Translate for Documents

We begin each translation with a rough draft created through Google Translate, an innovative tool that accelerates our translation process significantly. While this provides us with a basic translation, we understand that translation isn’t just about words—it’s about context, culture, and nuance.

Human Language Validators: Ensuring Accuracy and Cultural Relevance

That’s where our team of Human Language Validators comes in. These skilled individuals meticulously edit and verify each translation, ensuring that the translated content accurately represents the original text’s meaning while also being culturally relevant and easy to understand for the target audience.

Security and Trust

With our commitment to end-to-end cybersecurity and server hosting and data protection, you can trust that our work is secure and reliable.

Each handout is validated & confirmed for "word or word" or "thought for thought" in the language its being translated into. And a footnote is reference explaining this on each handout.
Join Us in this Endeavor

Just as we have harnessed technology to equip field teams and believers around the world with the tools they need for digital evangelism, discipleship, and prayer, we are excited to utilize this same technology to bring Bible commentary to those who need it most.

Join us in this mission to translate wisdom and unleash faith. Together, we can ensure that the transformative teachings of the Bible are accessible to all, regardless of language or location.