Greetings from Ekballo University!
Dear brothers and sisters, we are thrilled to share with you an update on the results of the Digital Evangelism campaigns in India and Myanmar over the last couple of months.

Harvest in India.

“Finally, brethren, pray for us,
that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified…”
2 THESS 3:1a  NKJV
This month we are once again in awe of God’s work across the nation of India. Despite government bans and human opposition, the ministry of the Gospel continues with great effectiveness. 

Whether being utilized by small businesses, large companies, or digital evangelists, Facebook’s ad management platform allows its users to choose a very specific audience for each ad — relying on a variety of biographical factors, such as region, age, and interests. For our India team, this feature is used strategically to help limit their gospel ad reach to geographical areas that are within 30 kilometers of trusted personnel. They feel a deep sense of responsibility for the people who receive the message of the gospel through their content, and they want to honor the Lord by following up personally with these seekers whenever possible.
Yet, in a way that is reminiscent of the words that the Apostle Paul wrote to the Thessalonian church: the word of the Lord is truly running swiftly and being glorified in corners of India far beyond the intended geographical reach of our team!
As recipients of the original gospel ad share the content on their personal Facebook pages, the message of Jesus has unexpectedly penetrated into some of the most rural, hard to reach areas of the nation — as far as 1000 km away from the regions where the ads were originally featured!
While this poses new challenges for personal and strategic growth of the Indian field workers, there is great excitement over finding these new and isolated believers who desire to receive Bible stories, prayer, and follow-up!

Please pray for the Lord’s favor and grace upon the team members in India, that their resources, technical skill set, and creativity would grow to meet these new and exciting challenges.

Thank you, Lord, for your willingness to grow our capacity to feed those hungry for the Knowledge of God!

Fishing between heaven and earth.

“The teaching of Your word gives light…”
Psalm 119:130a  NLT
In the early 1990s, a cult following called the “Eastern Lightning” took root in China. This group promotes their own, extra-Biblical texts and a belief that Jesus has already returned to China in the form of a woman. They continue to maintain a measure of influence in multiple nations, including India.
One Indian man, who had become involved in an offshoot community of this cult, happened across one of last month’s gospel ads. He began to dialog with a digital responder about this “Christian” community and his concern that something about it seemed off. As they talked, the responder was able to bring clarity to the Biblical message of Jesus and confirm that this other community was preaching a different gospel and a different “Jesus”.

The young man repented of his partnership with the cult and was connected to a Bible believing Christian church, where he can now learn more about who Jesus is and how to follow Him. 
His personal story has brought to our team’s attention a large network of other cult followers in need of freedom. We are burdened to see God bring deliverance to those who have been entrapped, and we ask that you would pray with us for God’s wisdom and strategy for these people.
Jars of Clay, purified by Jesus.
Another young man reached out to a digital responder, asking earnestly for help to be freed from a pornography addiction. As the team ministered to him, they shared about the power of Christ and His forgiveness. He began reading through the 30 Bible narratives that the India team has made accessible through their gospel campaigns. The truth of God’s Word began to truly wash over his mind. He was particularly stirred by the resurrection story of the victorious Christ. He found it both shocking and deeply impactful to his heart.
On his own, this man began to search Youtube for access to the Jesus’ film. Upon finding it, he watched the entire story. He confessed that he had never seen any person like Jesus before — that He must be the true God.
Since this confession of belief, the young man has continued to learn and grow in his ability to follow Jesus, embracing his new faith and freedom. With great wisdom, he said, “If my people in this nation were to follow this Man and these teachings, our country would be a much better place!”
And to this we say Amen! Yes, Lord, bring this wisdom and revelation of Your Son to every nation, every tribe, and every tongue!
“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that
this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”
2 Corinthians 4:7
Myanmar continues to have a special place in our hearts as the pioneer country of digital evangelism through Ekballo U. We are so grateful for the ability to continue ministering the message of the Gospel and prayer to this nation, in spite of the political tensions and war.
Over the last month, over a thousand people in the nation of Myanmar reached out to our digital evangelists to receive prayer! Several hundred of them listened to the gospel message, and as a result, we can rejoice in the stories of healing, salvation, and restored relationships that testify to the kindness of our Heavenly Father. 
  • We are thankful for a man who was healed after receiving prayer, and another woman whose health was strengthened.
  • A child — Wai Yan Htun was healed after our missionaries prayed over him. The family wrote back a message of thankfulness! 
  • Our responders prayed over a teacher who was forced to flee to Thailand because of his bravery to stand up to injustice in the government. He struggles with significant health challenges related to his kidneys and diabetes. Our team has been able to provide support by following up with him regularly.
  • Several people asked for prayer for their job situations. They wrote back quite amazed that they had found favor and were able to secure much-needed work!
  • One Buddhist woman in Shan State asked for prayer a few months ago, over her desire to build a house. Recently she contacted us with a praise report — she has built a house and gives God the glory!  
  • Another person was struggling heavily with debt. After receiving prayer, her condition improved and she was thankful to have some of the debt cleared.
  • A taxi driver who had been in a motorbike accident also reached out for prayer. His earnest request was: that he would be filled with joy and confidence that God would help him through the process. Our responder shared the gospel with him and the taxi driver expressed a cautious curiosity to “try” God.
  • One of our team members specifically focused on prayer for broken families and relationships. A few individuals responded to share that, after prayer from this digital evangelist, their marriages had improved!
  • Another need for prayer was raised by a worker dealing with a difficult relationship with his boss. He wrote back to affirm that it was going much better and that he would share with his friends about Christians who are praying online for needs.
  • A long conversation with two sisters unfolded to our team members a  serious struggle that they were both facing with their husbands. Our digital evangelist leader shared the gospel with them and both sisters eagerly accepted Christ!
Comfort and peace.
  • We had a call from a person who was struggling with anxiety and could not sleep for several days. After receiving prayer she had a good night of sleep and wrote back to affirm the answered prayer and say thank you.
  • Many dozens asked for prayer for loneliness and grief due to losing loved ones in the war. As they received prayer and the message of the gospel through our team – they poured out their hearts and accepted Christ.
A New Generation for Jesus.
We all have a tendency to think that we desperately need answers to our practical needs, but the truth is: we all desperately need God. We think we need to find something to hold onto in this shaky world, but the truth is: He wants to be our stability…from the inside out.
It takes only one faithful person, filled with the truth and passion for the Lord, to help people meet the true need of their hearts – the Living God.
As we celebrate God’s kindness to respond to so many needs this month, we also want to pause to reflect on the goodness of God to raise up a new generation of faithful followers of Jesus in Myanmar. Let us introduce you to three new members of the digital evangelist team!
Deborah is 17 years old — a sweet girl and daughter of a well respected ministry leader in Shan State. She is currently completing her high school diploma and has a heart to serve God through nursing and caring for the needy. She wants to complete a Discipleship Training school in the coming year. She tragically lost her mother during Covid, but her hope remains anchored in the Lord. She has been part of the team for 6 months and is very gentle and full of love in her responses to the prayer needs on the Digital Evangelism Facebook page. 
Hanlay was converted from Buddhism and is in Kalaw serving with her family at the Skills Training Center. She has a heart to share the Gospel with the lost and to train a new generation of leaders amongst the youth. She is especially gifted in sharing the gospel with those who come from a Buddhist background, and she has a reputation for being bold and clear in her presentation of the gospel. She has just joined the Facebook evangelism team!
Saw Chit Hmwe is living in Kalaw with his family. He lost his son in a tragic motorbike accident last year. As he processed the grief, he was filled with an even greater passion to maximize his time on earth to build God’s kingdom. He is a trusted, go-to person for many youths in the area who are struggling through the typical challenges of their teenage years. He also generously serves ministers in the area with building help, driving needs, and office projects. 
Thank you, Lord, for these generous ones — please bless each one: their families, their health, their faith, and their ministries!

Gentle heart, but strong faith. Debora.

Hanlay’s family.
Saw Chit Hmwe’s family.