VR Prayer Tours

For many years the Church has used physical prayer maps as a tool to raise awareness to pray for countries all over the world. These maps have also been a resource to know what to pray for when it comes to specific people groups, geo-political regions, as well as war-torn areas.

We are grateful to Every Home for Christ, Voice of the Martyrs, and the many other mission organizations which have provided these resources to the church.

But over the last couple of years, COVID has rapidly changed the way the world communicates and uses technology…

These 3 data points may appear random and uncorrelated, but they are the specific points that have paved the way for the church to have a new & exciting means to pray for the unreached.

VR Prayer Tours

“If a picture speaks a thousand words, a virtual prayer tour will speak a million…”

We now have the ability to send believers virtually to the nations through zoom paired with google maps photosphere data. This allows them to pray for unreached nations in a visually immersive way. 

Our virtual tour guides based in Kona, Hawaii would love to take you on a tour!

Our field tour guides will:

Intercessors will:

And this is my prayer, that your love may about still more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, Phil 1:9 NIV