Ekballo Field Report: Thailand & Myanmar – December 2022

Greetings from Ekballo University!
Merry Christmas to each of you and to your families! 
As we reflect on the Gospel work of our partners in Southeast Asia through the lens of the Christmas season, it is beautiful to consider that — this same Jesus, who came to the nation of Israel as a humble baby, born of a virgin, over 2000 years ago — waits to return — because His Father desires that the message of the Kingdom would be preached in every nation, to every “ethnos”, before He brings justice to the earth.
As the apostle Peter wrote, “The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.”  II Peter 3:9 ESV
And just as it was in Israel, so it is in the nations of the earth. People walking in darkness have seen a great light. And on those living in the land of the shadow of death, a Light has dawned. (ref. Isaiah 9:2 NKJV)
We hope that these stories in our final Newsletter of 2022 will encourage your hearts in the Lord during this season of Joy — as we celebrate Emanuel — our God who has come so near to us.


No Amulets, Only God’s Protection.
This amazing story of God’s protection came to us from the Central part of Thailand. Where our brothers and sisters had an urgent matter to consult on, and for that reason, they asked our missionary partners to visit them. 
One of these missionaries is a sister who came to Christ through our digital evangelism page and subsequently led her younger brother to faith just two months ago. Though he was once held captive by thoughts of suicide and despair, the hope and power of Jesus has been transforming him from the inside out — into a new creation — filled with hope and purpose in Christ.
While this sister was on the way to the ministry meeting, her younger brother decided to leave on his motorcycle to go shopping. While traveling down a road in the middle of a rice field, he lost control and collided catastrophically with another vehicle, hitting the front of the car and somersaulting over the top of it.  
As the motorcycle fell to the ground, it was clear that the bike was demolished and the young man, lying on the ground, was unable to get up. He later explained that, though things had happened so quickly, he still had the presence of mind to cry out to God with all of his heart to be preserved.
After a moment of gathering his wits, he attempted to move his body and check his condition — miraculously, he was able to stand, and nothing in his body was broken or damaged!
By this time, several people had run to see what was happening at the road. Hearing the sounds of loud screams and crashing metal, they thought that someone had certainly died or been seriously injured. Surely an ambulance needed to be called.
Instead, they found the young man standing and saying, “Oh, it’s nothing!”
Realizing the clearly miraculous outcome of this crash, many people began to ask what kind of monk’s amulets he was wearing and what good things he had done to be worthy of such a miracle. In a beautifully, unexpected opportunity to bear witness to the goodness of God, he simply answered them, “I am a child of God, and I thank God for His protection.”
Both brother and sister are giving testimony to the transforming work of God, not just in the outcome of the crash, but in the full redemption of this young man’s life. What a precious experience it is, to walk with God and receive His generous outpouring of love and power towards us who believe!

The happy carrier of the brother’s testimony on the left.

Our missionaries report that during the month of December 128,001 people saw our Gospel Christmas content, and 2,915 engaged with it, and 90 conversations have resulted.

Since we started our efforts in Thailand, 181,866 people have engaged with our Evangelistic posts. 2,827 conversations of faith happened. And 70 salvations and discipleships formed! All glory to God for the saved souls in Thailand!


I cried out to the Lord and He answered me!
Here in Myanmar, missionaries continue to receive many prayer requests about health, relationships, marriages, and jobs. Through compassion, prayer, and the testimony of God’s intervention, many seeds have been planted in the hearts of the Burmese people over the past month!
  • We received a prayer request from someone who did not have a job. After our evangelists prayed for him, a job was provided — to the Lord’s glory!
  • A woman in a difficult relationship with her boyfriend reached out for prayer. After our team members prayed, she shared that the relationship had improved.
  • There was a young lady who needed grace in passing an exam to attend the Nazarine training school. Our missionaries prayed for her and the Lord answered – she passed the exam!  
  • A young 12-year old girl was struggling with kidney disease to such an extent that she needed a kidney transplant. Shortly after our team prayed for her, a kidney donor was found! Praise the Lord!
  • A brokenhearted mother asked for prayer over her daughter’s marriage. She revealed that she was in deep despair over the infidelity of her son-in-law. That brokenness opened her heart to listen to a message about Jesus: that he is good and loves her and her daughter — and that only He is able to bring true peace in our deepest pain. The woman was ready to believe that Jesus is indeed powerful and can help her with this problem. We pray that, as this story continues to unfold, we will hear further testimony of the Lord’s work in this woman’s life.
The digital evangelists see these stories on an everyday basis – as people reach out to share their burdens and difficulties, the team agrees with them in prayer, and the Lord’s kindness is revealed to their hearts! Thank you, Father, for how you draw each of us towards you with your cords of loving kindness!